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Words are my specialty. Whether you need help with your book manuscript, business website, marketing message or promotional medical communications, I’m your go-to wordsmith.

I have been a storyteller and a lover of stories all my life. In addition to my marketing work, I keep my finger on the creative pulse with a variety of fiction and nonfiction prose. What I’ve learned from my heterogeneous background is this:

Every piece has its own rhythm and voice.

We often underestimate these differences because writing is something most of us do every day. We write emails, grocery lists, thank you cards, and posts to our private social media accounts. But all words are not created equal. Writing has a purpose. Who are we speaking to? Why? We ignore the purpose at our peril.

I help my clients refine their message and make a professional, inspirational impact on their audience with writing that is engaging and editorially beautiful. At the center of my work is one theme: What is the goal of the text? Good writing is where form meets function.

You can find more details about me on the About page, and about the services I offer by visiting the Hire Me page. Please contact me if you have any questions, or if you would like to discuss your project.

Let me help you find your voice.