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Book Editing and Writing Coaching for the Independent Author

Independent publishing has come a long way from the days of the vanity press. More and more writers are discovering the flexibility, accessibility, and suitability of self-publishing every day. And as traditional publishing houses tighten their budgets and reduce the number of books they support every year, readers are looking for great stories wherever they can find them. Will one of them be yours?

Your Book Should Stand Out for the Right Reasons

You want your book to stand out because of its great content—a fantastic story, excellent writing, and attention to detail. You don’t want to stand out as an example of what NOT to do. Traditional publishing houses work with editors, and so should you.

I’m here to help you:

Organize your thoughts and your story
Overcome writer’s block and writing doubt
Make your manuscript truly something special
…and keep your sanity along the way.*

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All hands on deck!

You can find information on writing and self-publishing on the blog, more details on how I can help you on Services, and the genres I work with (and don’t).

Make sure your book stands out for all the right reasons. Talk to your resident wordsmith today.


*Because after a while, you can’t tell if what you wrote is true genius or belongs on the next bonfire, never to be seen again.