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Back Cover Copy

Your book’s back cover copy has one job: to get readers to open the book.

This is not the place for a book synopsis. It’s also not the time for you to be thinking of yourself, at all. Because your readers look at that back cover copy and think about “ME, ME, ME.” They want to know what’s in it for them.

Why do they want—no, NEED—to read your book? That’s the only question your back cover copy must answer.

Writers often have a difficult time writing back cover copy, and often that’s because they are so close to the work. Your editor is a great first place to look for outside help, because they are already familiar with you and your book—and not as emotionally tangled about the whole setup.

If you work with me for editing, I will discuss the back cover copy with you, and whether you’d like me to review or help you write yours. To contract for back cover work separately, fill out the form below.

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