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If you are running a business or marketing your services, you need a web presence. A website introduces you to your audience, allows them to see samples of your work, provides a way for them to contact you, and contains information about what else you do. It should also contain links to your social media presence, if any, and a way for visitors to purchase your products or book your services, if applicable.

When potential clients or customers seek help or are curious about your business, this is their first stop online, and often their first stop, period. Don’t be without this valuable way to connect with your audience!

If you are long on ideas but short on website (or time), I can help you create content, or revise your current site as per your needs. You wear your best clothes to important meetings, so don’t step out with a rumpled website. We’ll work together to confirm website goals and thematic features, and I can also liaise directly with your web development or design team. If you like, I can make content changes directly through WordPress. Website work includes:

  • review/revision of your existing site content
  • editing/copywriting for your new site architecture (website redesign, woohoo!)
  • copywriting for your new website or landing page
  • review for text and graphic consistency (visual appeal and branding)
  • review of internal links and navigation
  • proofreading for spelling, formatting, and punctuation errors
  • editing or writing of blog posts

Rest easy knowing that you can concentrate on growing your business, and enjoy the curtain rising on your website!

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Articles, Newsletters, and Marketing Copy

Your website isn’t the only way to reach your audience. You may also publish articles, a newsletter, brochures, or promotional swag. These are all great ways to spark and continue conversations with your readers and potential fans.

Like your website, you want the content on these materials to shine. Unlike your website, these materials require your attention more frequently. If you feel pressed for time, you may be tempted to shelve the work for later.

Don’t neglect your outreach because you feel pressed for time. Your readers are quick to notice you’ve been MIA, or the content is old. Marketing work includes:

  • article copywriting/editing
  • newsletter copywriting/editing
  • brochure copywriting/editing
  • creating an editorial calendar, because planning is key for content
  • review of your existing marketing materials, as a group, for consistency (you should be doing this on a semi-annual basis)

Your marketing materials are a team; they should work together and support each other. And like any team, they need a regular workout.

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