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It has been my privilege and great pleasure to work with the individuals and companies below.

Alexandra made getting my manuscript ready for press so much easier! She has an incredible eye for detail, and she turns things around so promptly! Everyone involved in the process has commented how easy she was to work with and what an excellent job she did – I highly recommend Alexandra’s work.

Courtney Clark
Speaker, Survivor, Optimist

Alexandra is an accomplished writer that understands what it means to be flexible. I run a small design firm. We help refine and publish books for authors, and develop websites for various industry, including authors and large publishing companies such as Disney’s Hyperion books for children. Our work has included several of Disney’s best-selling author websites.

I have worked with tons of copy editors, authors and copy writers to help establish a voice for a piece of literature or for an online service, but was constantly disappointed with the results, which caused delays and many rewrites. When I stumbled upon Alexandra, I was hopeful yet not enthusiastic. I had a very difficult project that we just could not get right. It was a brochure about our own firm, which required several directions and the elaboration of various services, and it really should have been separated into several brochures.

Alexandra helped focus the direction, gave good tips about copy layout — usually relegated to the design staff — and we ultimately trusted her to finish the project. Her understanding of the scope was apparent, and she helped us finish the brochure by pooling all the talents we offer under one roof: a simple but sophisticated approach that quickly gave us what we needed with minimal polishing and rewrites and — the icing on the cake — within budget. I cannot recommend her enough for the fine work she has created for Leibow Studios, LLC.

Paul Leibow
Owner and President
Leibow Studios, LLC

I have worked with Alexandra O’Connell on my last two books. Her exceptional copy editing skills together with her suggested improvements helped make both books much easier to read.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Alexandra for editing and copywriting and will definitely use her again in the future.

Richard J Bryan
Keynote Speaker/Author

True professionalism. Her good-naturedness, responsiveness, and great work keep her high on our list of freelancers. It’s great to know that I can trust in her work and deliver quality pieces to our clients.

Michele Kirschbaum
Executive Editor
Hackensack, NJ

Nothing is better than hiring a dependable writer and editor who is genuinely passionate about words and language. I found Alexandra to be insightful, intelligent, an excellent communicator and professional who is very easy to work with and in tune with her client’s needs.

Steve Stancato
Stancato Healing

If you need a copyeditor, proof reader, or writer, do yourself a favor and hire Alexandra.

I hired Alexandra to help with copyediting and proofreading a manuscript. I was on a very tight deadline with this project and Alexandra was traveling. Even so, she got the project done on time and with great attention to detail.

Alexandra has an amazing facility with words, is a consummate professional, and will improve the quality of your work. She cares about the success of your project and I would certainly recommend her and hire her again in the future.

David Dye

Trailblaze, Inc.

As the primary author of our community garden enewsletter, Alexandra approached her role with incredible professionalism. Her writing was engaging and she demonstrated the skills of a great writer by ensuring logical and seamless connections between content. Alexandra completed her work with precision and an eye toward detail — I never once caught a typo! I highly recommend Alexandra for your technical and creative writing needs.

Caitlyn Davison
Orton Family Foundation

Alexandra is a pleasure to work with, both as a writer and an editor. She puts a lot of thought and hard work into everything she does, and it’s obvious that she loves what she does. I truly enjoy collaborating with her, because I know I will get back exactly what I asked for—a quality product that meets both the needs and parameters of the project.

I would highly recommend Alexandra to anyone looking for a smart, detail-oriented, and conscientious editor.

Maria Giffen-Castro
Executive Editor
Hackensack, NJ

Alexandra did a magnificent job of editing a 68-page user guide that I developed for the Facebook for Beginners class that I teach. Her attention to detail was phenomenal, plus she pointed out some sections needing clarification and expansion. She was very efficient with her time during the editing process and turned this project around very quickly.

Joyce Feustel

Boomers’ Social Media Tutor