Manuscript Evaluation and Critique

Manuscript Evaluation/Critique

What shape is your manuscript actually in? What should you do next? These are questions for a manuscript evaluation/critique.

A manuscript evaluation or critique is a high-level assessment of your work in progress. The evaluation provides you with valuable feedback at an affordable cost. While not an edit, the evaluation clarifies potential pitfalls and opportunities, and provides direction on next steps. Both may benefit you as you revise your MS, or prior to the start of any professional editing.

You may opt for an evaluation at any stage of your manuscript’s revision process.  The evaluation includes a report on the strengths of the MS and areas that could be improved, plus a sample edit of up to the first 50 pages, based on length of the full MS.

An evaluation/critique reviews:

  • Strengths of the work
  • Problems (if any) of presentation and formatting
  • Editorial issues (if any)
  • Problems (if any) of concept, structure, content, style, and documentation (this last for nonfiction)
  • Practical suggestions for fixes
  • Recommendations for next steps, including editorial recommendations

Recommendations are made on an individual, no-obligation basis. Editorial work is contracted for separately. All manuscripts submitted for evaluation and critique should be accompanied by a synopsis (for fiction) or table of contents and chapter summaries (for nonfiction) of the entire project.

Starting prices for a Manuscript Evaluation and Critique are $295 for a 100-page manuscript, and $695 for a 300-page manuscript, based on the industry standard 250 words/page.

If you are interested in a manuscript evaluation/critique, be sure your book meets the genre guidelines here. You may also be interested in editing options. Review Working with Alexandra here.

I have worked with Alexandra O’Connell on my last two books. Her exceptional copy editing skills together with her suggested improvements helped make both books much easier to read. I will definitely use her again in the future.

Richard J. Bryan
Professional Keynote Speaker
Author, Being Frank: Real Life Lessons to Grow Your Business and Yourself, and
Handing Over The Reigns: A Concise Guide to Succession Planning

Alexandra made getting my manuscript ready for press so much easier! She has an incredible eye for detail, and she turns things around so promptly! Everyone involved in the process has commented how easy she was to work with and what an excellent job she did—I highly recommend Alexandra’s work.

Courtney Clark
Keynote Speaker
Author, The Successful Struggle: Powerful Techniques
to Achieve Accelerated Resilience

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